Why You Won’t Find Me Online

Mainly because I can’t grasp that the internet is a place to be.

You want to know why you won’t find me online? Do I explain my experience as an internet user? Do I defend my diversion to social media? Do I share my opinions disparaging having an “online presence” and the unattainable “fully developed platform” — both I have been encouraged to have regardless of cost? I have many nebulous thoughts on these topics so a static post about them is fallible.

Online, I am here, on my website, but I am not everywhere. I want to share, but differently — anti-algorithmically. Here, I can be contradictory. I can be quiet and still be known. A digital calling card left to be discovered. I don’t want to be fed to you.

Current marketing focuses on branding not the product, but the person. I don’t want to be a brand. I want to tell stories, a wide variety of stories. This website is my storefront. I am not the store. I just work here.

Oh, the internet… We’re all just visiting. Aren’t we?

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