Heidi Hodges – author.

My name is Heidi Hodges. I am a person. I like people and places and things (in that order). Some of those things are big hair, nature, tabletop games, and traveling. Let’s have fun. Preferably by dancing.

I am a writer. I’ve been making books ever since I could hold a pencil and wield a stapler. Now I want to focus on the writing and let others print the books for me.

I received first place in the Poetry category as part of the Great Arts Challenge run by the Jay and Linda Grunin Foundation. I am a contributor to the blog at moreloveletters.com. I have worked in bookstores and libraries for over ten years and have been reading for over thirty.

I live with my dashing husband, our three young sons, and a killer cat in New Jersey.

Photo © Mandy Douglas

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