The End of the Year Book Tag

2022 Edition Another book tag. This one was originally created by Ariel Bissett on YouTube and she and her cohost recently released it on their podcast, Books Unbound. It is designed to get us thinking about our reading expectations for the next few months and make some goals that can hopefully be completed by theContinue reading “The End of the Year Book Tag”

Making Peace with Staying at Home

This article originally appeared on 12 July 2022. I’ve been a stay-at-home parent on and off for a little over eight years and I feel like I’ve finally come to terms with it. My journey began with the maternity leave of my first child. When that meager three months was over, I wanted to go backContinue reading “Making Peace with Staying at Home”

The Mid-Year Reflection Book Tag

2022 Edition This post is all about books. Specifically the books I’ve read this year, 2022, between January and June. I’m not sure where the questions originally came from — a “tag” is meant to be posted, shared, and reposted with people answering the questions in their own way. I don’t know if the questionsContinue reading “The Mid-Year Reflection Book Tag”

12 Mindful Books for Reading and Reflecting

This article originally appeared on 25 May 2022. Most of the time when I read I want to escape: to go on an adventure, to be thrilled and satisfied. Other times (and I am often unaware of this craving), I need a book that makes me think–a book that perhaps asks more questions than it answers,Continue reading “12 Mindful Books for Reading and Reflecting”

Has Your Hobby Become an Obsession?

This article originally appeared on 1 November 2021. Hobbies are generally good. They are fun, pleasant escapes from the drudgery of necessary tasks. They are often a creative outlet, something we can be proud of. Or they are simply relaxing, a needed balance to the stress of our lives. But what about when the hobby itselfContinue reading “Has Your Hobby Become an Obsession?”

Eat Outside More: Here’s How

This article originally appeared on 29 September 2021. No matter how much quality time we’re getting outside, some more wouldn’t hurt. Many studies show spending time outdoors improves the health of our mind and bodies. And since we have to eat everyday, why not link our outside-time along with meals? Al fresco dining isn’t as comfortableContinue reading “Eat Outside More: Here’s How”

My “Dailies” Setup: Diary Pages for Gentle Self-Encouragement

This article originally appeared on 8 September 2021. I am a parent working at home with three children aged seven and younger. I rarely have days where I know exactly how many productive hours I will have. I’ve tried the Bullet Journal and really like many aspects of it, but found it hard to keep upContinue reading “My “Dailies” Setup: Diary Pages for Gentle Self-Encouragement”

Why You Won’t Find Me Online

Mainly because I can’t grasp that the internet is a place to be. You want to know why you won’t find me online? Do I explain my experience as an internet user? Do I defend my diversion to social media? Do I share my opinions disparaging having an “online presence” and the unattainable “fully developedContinue reading “Why You Won’t Find Me Online”