When Sloane finds out her favorite rock band of all time Thorned Zebra is having a concert on the beach right in her hometown, she must go. To afford tickets, she and her best friend Claudia get jobs at Chell’s, an ice cream chain, on the boardwalk in Seaside, NJ. The place is swarming with BENNYs, surfers, punk rockers, and hotties, not to mention the delicious pizza. Claudia is determined to find Sloane a boyfriend, but Sloane’s only worried about banking enough money to buy concert tickets. Which is harder than she thought now that her parents expect her to pay some bills like a real adult. Before she knows it, she’s working too much, has a potential boyfriend, can’t find time for friends, and wants to have some fun, too, you know? It seems like nothing is as she expected it. And when she learns something that rocks her world completely, she must take a deep look at herself and will need the help of her friends and family to pull through.

#ya #teen #newadult #romance #throwbackcontemporary #2006 #jerseyshore #punkrock #diversecharacters #interracialcouples #comingofage #plottwist #money #separateartandartist #notalwayswhatitseems

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Currently querying agents/publishers.
Cover not final.

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