My “Dailies” Setup: Diary Pages for Gentle Self-Encouragement

This article originally appeared on 8 September 2021. I am a parent working at home with three children aged seven and younger. I rarely have days where I know exactly how many productive hours I will have. I’ve tried the Bullet Journal and really like many aspects of it, but found it hard to keep upContinue reading “My “Dailies” Setup: Diary Pages for Gentle Self-Encouragement”

Why You Won’t Find Me Online

Mainly because I can’t grasp that the internet is a place to be. You want to know why you won’t find me online? Do I explain my experience as an internet user? Do I defend my diversion to social media? Do I share my opinions disparaging having an “online presence” and the unattainable “fully developedContinue reading “Why You Won’t Find Me Online”

The Importance of Reading What You Want (Not Just What Books are Buzzing)

This article originally appeared on 20 July 2021. Photo © Heidi B. Hodges There are as many reasons to read as there are books in the world. Bestseller pushes, book club picks, marketing displays, and magazine blurbs all try to get us to read (or simply buy) certain books. Reading the hottest books andContinue reading “The Importance of Reading What You Want (Not Just What Books are Buzzing)”

How I Dealt With My Parents Selling My Childhood Home

My parents built their house in June of 1987. I was born that August. We lived there together for the next twenty-six years. I moved out nine years ago when I married, but only four blocks away in the same small town that my father, my husband, and I grew up in. I still visitedContinue reading “How I Dealt With My Parents Selling My Childhood Home”