Book Beauty

I got a few new books recently and I think they are so pretty, inside and out.

I haven’t read them most of them so I can’t attest to how beautiful the writing or story is, but I sure hope they brighten my reading days.

I hope “Bird Cottage” is a cozy and comforting read, as cheery as its yellow cover. And I hope “Something Wilder” is an adventurous treasure-hunting romp in the wild with a swoon-worthy romance. I find both covers strikingly pretty.

I don’t know much about “This Time Tomorrow” except that it has time travel in it. I’ve also never read anything by Emma Straub before. It is the pick for next month’s book club at my local independent bookstore.

This edition is so beautiful – from the rainbow font and flaps to the wiggly gold lines and all the shiny… just the package of this book makes me excited to read it!

“By the Book” is a modern-day Beauty and the Beast retelling that I first mentioned in my Mid-Year Reflection Book Tag. The color palette of this book make me so happy — it reminds me of many of the clothes hanging in my own closet. From the pale pink jacket and the plum purple cover… gorgeous. At first, the red end papers threw me — I thought they were so glaring. But then I got it… the roses. I’ve only encountered a seemingly neglected rose garden of barren plants in my reading so far, but I’m giddily anticipating what it will turn into.

I enjoy books for the beautiful objects they can be. Happy reading!

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